South Africa has suffered a massive economic blow in the last few years. The shrinking economy and an increase in poverty contribute to employee theft as staff attempt to boost their income. Approximately 20 % of employee theft occurs on the retail floor and the rest at the till. Millions of Rand are lost to theft, making security seals and safe custody bags a viable option to use as a deterrent.

If you have noticed any irregularities during your stock take, you may want make use of tamper evident tape and security bags as preventative measure. It is important to note that there are two different types of security seals, those that act as a deterrent, namely tamper evident seals and those that are referred to as tamper evident seals. Both classes however, require the use of additional security measures to decrease the chances of theft occurring. These measures should include:

1) Employee background checks:
It often isn’t easy to tell whether employees are honest. As elementary as it may seem, many companies still don’t perform adequate background checks or request references from ex-employers. Taking the time to do a little investigative work could save your company a lot of money in the long run.

2) Security cameras:
The use of electronic surveillance equipment to monitor the movement of staff will help reduce opportunities for theft. Besides acting as a powerful deterrent, recordings will provide evidence should the case make it to court.

3) Cataloguing and recording inventory
By correctly cataloguing your stock it will quickly become apparent whether your stock has been lost to breakage, waste or theft. Highly organized inventory management techniques will deter employees from attempting to steal your stock. Only trusted staff should be assigned stock take duty, also creating a chain of accountability.

4) Secure storage
Ensure that your stock storage area remains locked and that your alarms are armed. You may want to consider a secure cage or cabinet inside your facility for your expensive items.

5) Security Seals
TruSeal offers a huge range of tamper-evident security seals and bags to protect your goods. Two of our products that may assist in deterring theft are our security labels. Boxes sealed in tamper evident tape are less likely to be breached. TruSeal’s security labels include the barcoded label and the void label. Each of these products carry unique number series, making it obvious that the products or boxes have been tamper with. The void labels contain a covert message “void open” that presents itself, should the seal be damaged. The high tack adhesive surface makes it impossible to remove the label without it becoming obvious. These labels also prevent contamination or even the sabotaging of products.

Whatever your security needs, TruSeal has the right seal for you. Speak to one of our trained consultants and they will help you decide on the best option.