Our wide range of Security Seals

Our Security Seals are used to secure rail & freight containers, emergency equipment, fire extinguishers, drinks trolleys, pre-paid electricity meters and much more.

More info about TruSeal Security Seals

TruSeal is the biggest South African owned and run Security Seal supplier in South Africa.

TruSeal supplies the highest quality, most technologically current security seals on the market to ensure absolute safety and tamper protection for nearly any industry where security is a priority.

Our high-quality seals drastically assist in reducing security risks, by limiting access to authorised personnel in possession of requisite training and awareness of proper procedure. Our Cable Seals are manufactured of steel cable, metal alloys and metal, and our Bolt Seals adhere to world customs standards with a grading of “high-security.”

Tamper-proof mechanisms form a fundamental part of the design and evidence of accidental or intentional tampering can easily be detected as the seals have to be broken off when opening. Offenders cannot simply replace seals as each seal is uniquely numbered and/or barcoded, making unauthorised replacement easy to track and impossible to get away with.

The TruSeal Barrier Seals range is comprised of cable seals and bolt seals, with the Bolt Seals adhering to world customs standards of a “high-security” rating. Our bolt seals are designed to secure high-value cargo and are constructed to be tamper-evident. TruSeal Barrier Seals are an effective but still inexpensive way to secure containers.

Moving a step beyond the simple security offered by cable ties, many of TruSeal’s Plastic Seals range delivers ISO17712 compliant protection. Client input along with our passion for maintaining our position at the leading edge of security seal technology has further encouraged us to offer plastic seal solutions like the Ultimate Seal which offers a spring locking insert, the Combi Seal with its audible locking click and tear-away feature, the Bulltip Seal – a fixed-length plastic security seal with an acetyl insert – that can withstand freezing as well as boiling temperatures, and Valve Seals designed for use on Oil and LPG gas cylinders or valves.

Our Metal Seals are made of tin-plate steel and feature unique design elements, as in the case of our TruSeal ACME T Metal Strip Seal, with double locking action and inspection holes built into the lockbox. A variant of this metal strap seal is the ACME Encapsulated T Metal Strip Seal that has a polypropylene cover encapsulating the metal lockbox for barcoding.

Constructed of NPC stainless steel, an extrusion of zinc, and coated with ABS plastic, our cable seals provide enhanced security in the following applications: Cash boxes, sea & air freight containers, pre-paid electricity meters, casino gaming tables and laboratories. TruSeal Cable Seals are single-use seals. A pair of special rope shears is required to cut through the unique steel cable, therefore minimising the risk of tampering.

We are serious about supplying our clients with the most technologically advanced seal solutions, in line with international security standards, while maintaining fast turnaround times and excellent customer service.