Security tamper evident bags

Law firms, cash in transit, anyone that moves high-value cargo is at risk of theft. Legal documentation, sensitive material that can have adverse consequences should it fall into the wrong hands, can easily be stolen. Packages can be opened, their contents copied. A few pages could go missing and no one would know. Money can go missing, a few notes stolen at a time.

Trust in your staff is important when running a business. At the same time, it pays to invest in preventative measures whenever possible – even if it’s just a deterrent.

The cost to any business in terms of reputation and financial loss can vary – it really depends on the nature of the valuables to be transported. At the end of the day, though, opting for zero protection is a gamble – that’s the only way of looking at it. Any serious business owner wouldn’t consider gambling with their livelihood.

Security tamper evident bags are designed to clearly indicate any efforts at tampering, but are tough enough to withstand rough handling. Better still, TruSeal is able to customise and make special security bags to suit your needs.

As a deterrent to theft, security tamper evident bags work wonders. Just the knowledge that intrusion will be detected is enough to dissuade most potential thieves and anyone else that would want to gain unauthorised access for any reason. Thieves tend to go for easier targets. Furthermore, should illegal tampering occur, with proper monitoring systems and checks in place, the location and time of tampering can more easily be deduced. They can’t be replaced or patched up. Indication of tampering leads to a broken seal, and efforts can then be made to check when and where the bag was last scanned, which personnel where handling the products at the time, and how the seal was broken.

Without such measures or security tamper evident bags, the chance of detecting intrusion is dramatically reduced and most instances of theft will more than likely go undetected – until the damage is far greater than it could have otherwise been, or it is far too late to apprehend the culprit and perform damage control in a timely fashion.

TruSeal’s Plastic Stop-Loss Security Bag is a prime example of a high quality security tamper evident bag. Not only does clearly indicate if the bag has been opened via conventional means, but it also shows evidence of tampering if attacked by heating, freezing, solvents, moisture, or by any mechanical means.

Made in state of the art manufacturing facilities, TruSeal security tamper evident bags are designed to the highest international standards. Avoid taking chances with your business. Eliminate unnecessary risk. Choose a brand that has proven itself.

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