Transporting large quantities of cash or valuables can be a daunting experience. Naturally you would want that extra peace of mind knowing that your goods will arrive safely at the intended destination. TruSeal has a number of Security Travel Bag options from which to choose, each with their own unique means of protection solutions, depending on your needs.

TruPack™ is our patented high-quality security bag range. Manufactured from durable PVC nylon material, these bags are resilient to wear and tear and are completely reusable. The tough skin can’t easily be infiltrated by force or rough handling, making it the ideal carrier to transport cash, coins and other valuables.

Our Security Travel Bag range can also be used with our Pull-Tight Security Seals, Indicative Seals or Padlock Seals for added protection and en-route monitoring function.

Our Security Travel Bag Range is often used in banking , retail, gaming and hotel industries, as well as by churches and cash-in-transit security companies. They also have a diverse array of applications, these include use as Stock Key Bags, Document Bags, Cash Bags and Gusset/Till Trays, each of which come in a number of different sizes.

Speak to one of our trained consultants and they will assess your needs and assist you in choosing between our TruPack 004, TruPack 008, or TruPack Padlock Security Bag. However, if you are searching for industrial strength Security Travel Bag protection, you may want to consider the TruPack™ Bulk Security Cash Bags. Constructed from heavy duty nylon/PVC and fitted with TruSeal’s unique Security Pin & Washer sealing system, these tough, eco-friendly bags are relied upon by major companies that work with large amounts of cash.

TruSeal takes security seriously and that is why we are trusted by many of the top banks and corporations across the country. We endeavor to provide exceptional products, manufactured from the toughest materials, that undergo strict quality product testing in order to meet ISO standards. This certification is extremely thorough. We are proud of our dependable range of seals and bags and we are eager to assist you. Speak to one of our friendly consultants and they will help you find the security travel bag to suit your requirements.

We look forward to doing business with you!