Transportation of goods over long distances involves a high level of risk, with loss and theft being among the top concerns for businesses. Loss of goods can result in a significant financial loss, tarnished reputation, and loss of trust from customers, while theft of goods can lead to even more significant losses. Therefore, it’s essential to have a reliable and secure transportation system in place to ensure that the goods reach their intended destination safely and securely. One way of achieving this is by using sequentially numbered security seals.

Numbered security seals are an effective and simple solution for businesses that transport goods over long distances. These seals are marked with a unique code that cannot be replaced without detection. As a result, businesses can track their goods in transit effectively, and the added security layer acts as a deterrent to potential thieves. TruSeal provides a wide range of numbered security seals that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each business.

One of the unique features of TruSeal’s sequentially numbered security seals is their patented tamper-evident solution. The STS004 Numbered Seals for Security Bags offer a patented tamper-evident security solution that provides a clear indication of any tampering. The STS008 Numbered Seals for Security Bags have a large print area that can accommodate barcoding, which makes them easier to scan and track. Both seals bear a high-security rating, ensuring that the goods being transported are secure.

TruSeal’s STS031 Security Seals are made from polycarbonate and are suitable for sealing gaming tables and electricity meters. They are designed to withstand tough conditions and have an ultrasonically welded cap that makes them difficult to tamper with. These seals also bear a high-security rating, ensuring that the goods being transported are secure.

The 203 Bolt Seal is another option that TruSeal provides, bearing a high-security rating. It features a high-strength steel pin and lock bush with laser marked numbering. The seal is designed to withstand harsh conditions, making it ideal for use in the transportation of goods.
TruSeal offers a wide range of seals to provide a customiszed solution for businesses. Each business has unique security requirements, and the company understands this. Therefore, they provide seals with different security features to cater to the specific needs of each business.

In conclusion, sequentially numbered security seals are an essential tool for businesses involved in the transportation of goods over long distances. They provide an effective means of tracking goods in transit, preventing theft, and identifying any loss or damage that may occur. TruSeal offers a range of high-security seals that can be tailored to meet the specific business requirements. By using numbered security seals, businesses can transport goods securely and ensure that they reach their intended destination safely. Contact TruSeal today to find the perfect solution for your business.