Shipping Container Security Seals

Whether by air, road, or sea, goods are constantly in transit from one location to the next. Any company moving large numbers of goods is familiar with the use of shipping containers and the security measures that need to be taken in order to ensure that their goods arrive safely and untouched. Choosing the right shipping container security seals are a major consideration when implementing security protocols.

It’s vitally important to have proper security checks in place alongside the use of seals that best support inspection and identification of intrusion. This, along with the right seals for the job, can act as a deterrent and, in some cases completely prevent intrusion even when great efforts have been applied.

With varying levels of security available to suit your requirements and budget, TruSeal has you covered.

The most widely used seals in the industry are Bolt Security Seals. The application is as easy as pressing the two parts of the seal together to lock. A purpose built bolt cutter is required to remove the seal once it has been put in place. Both the seal lock bush and bolts are serially numbered ensuring easy detection should the seal have covertly been replaced. These seals are made of a high strength steel pin and lock bush, plastic coated and laser marked. Check out the TruSeal 203 bolt seal for an exceptional shipping container seal.

Indicative Security Seals are primarily designed to indicate intrusion. The THL Seal, which comes in different colours and is serially numbered features a spring steel insert. The Bulltip seal is an exceptional seal that can withstand extreme temperatures – from boiling to freezing. T Metal Strip Seals are manufactured from tin-plated steel with a unique double locking action. Installation inspection is made easy with holes in the lockbox, allowing viewing of the tips of the “T” mechanism to ensure correct locking and to assess for pre-tampering.

Cable Security Seals like the 029 Cable Seal and 045 Cable Seal need to be removed by purpose built Cable Cutters. They come in various lengths, allowing for both doors of the container to be sealed, should the cable security seal be long enough. These shipping container security seals are also great for detecting intrusion. Both the 029 Cable Seal and 045 Cable Seals can be laser marked and barcoded. Where smaller marking is required, the 029 Cable Seal is perfect. It’s a certified high-security seal made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic and NPC stainless cable that can be branded with a 6 and 7 digit 128 barcode. The 045 Cable Seal features the same high-security construction and durability, but with a much larger space available for barcodes, including 14-digit 2 of 5 interleaved.

TruSeal remains at the cutting edge of the security seal industry. We enjoy learning about our client’s needs – not only because it helps us stay ahead with the best technology – but also because we are interested in assisting you in making the best choice for your business. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form or give us a call. We look forward to optimising your shipping container security seal solution.