South African Security Seal Solutions manufacturer & distributor TruSeal, is in the business of world-class tamper-evident security seals and security bags for the protection of assets as well as bespoke solutions for companies and individuals with very specific requirements. The majority of TruSeal’s customers are involved in the protection and control of cash, keys, documents and valuables.

“We know what’s important to our customers, in particular having the confidence in any one of our security seal solutions that will stand up to the most stringent of standards and requirements,” says director, Brent Cramer.” “Key areas for us are the retail, banking, cash-in-transit, transport, logistics and mining sectors.”

TruSeal also manufacture and distribute a variety of indicative seals, barrier seals, metal strap seals, utility meter seals, cable seals and bolt seals.

The entire range of security bags, pouches and security envelopes are fitted with our tried and trusted TruSeal locking chamber or can be fitted with the new TruSeal padlock chamber that can accommodate a padlock.

“We have incorporated a state-of-the-art CAD design system into our processes. All this geared to increasing efficiency and our capacity to meet our customers growing demand for our products.”

Strong International Partnerships

Strong partnerships with industry leading international manufacturers means that TruSeal has the capacity to supply products that meet current US and UK Customs requirements. These can be delivered to anywhere on the African continent, including those products which are able to accommodate barcode printing of 12 or 14 digits.

“Above all, we believe that it is a deep understanding of our customers’ needs that truly sets us apart. Whether it’s through our levels of existing stock, the adaptability of our manufacturing process to accommodate specific requirements with fast turnaround times or our uncompromising attitude towards the quality of our products. It’s about the right product at the right price, on time,” assures Mr. Cramer.

Rapid delivery of Security Seal Solutions

“TruSeal’s factory producing security seal solutions is based in Johannesburg and through a streamlined network of couriers, they are able to dispatch orders rapidly and have them delivered to a customer’s door anywhere in South Africa. A customer’s consignment can be tracked online from time of dispatch to time of delivery.

TruSeal is committed to increasing local production of security seal solutions and security bags, our staff compliment continues to grow with the increased demand for a high quality, locally produced and affordable security seal solution.” Concludes Mr. Cramer.