Tamper evident security bags are used in case where the integrity of audited storage and uncompromised process of relocating items is crucial. Security & Forensics services use it to bag evidence, where the legal ramifications of tampered evidence can determine whether someone is sentenced correctly. Cash in Transit companies, banking & financial institutions may use it for safe transportation and storage of cash, jewellery and other valuables. Mining, Post Offices, Universities, Schools & Government Departments for sensitive documents. Restaurants use it to ensure that their deliveries and take-away meals arrive uncontaminated to their customers. Not only will there be huge financial repercussions should loss or tampering occur, but the reputation of the institution is also at stake.

Our TE Bags Plastic Drop Safe and TE Bags Plastic Stop Loss are used for bagging cash and is made of transparent plastic with a printable area for serial numbers and/or barcodes. TruSeal’s TE bags are manufactured in high-strength 2- or 3-layer top quality virgin opaque or clear polyethylene. The closure has three parts: the liner, the membrane and glue and can be sealed with an integral pressure sensitive adhesive. Any attempts to open the bag, using solvents, liquid or physical manipulation will be evident instantly. Our tamper evident security bags are hardy and designed to withstand rough handling. TE Security Bags act as a deterrent. The bags can’t be replaced once they have been voided. With other recommended security measures in place it is possible to track and trace to ensure a clean audit.

TruSeal has a robust bag PVC nylon bag range which is completely reusable. Manufactured in South Africa, our 004 and 008 bags come with the TruSeal security padlock chamber which are then sealed with special barcoded TruSeal security seals.

The TruSeal CIT Bulk Cash Bags are used in the cash-in-transit industry, to transport large volumes of cash, bank notes, and coins . These bags however, are sealed with the TruSeal unique steel pin and washer and are extremely tough.

TruSeal offers a range of tamper evident security bags. Proudly South African, our bags are manufactured by us with modern state of the art manufacturing equipment. We adhere to the highest international security standards and our products can be branded or printed with your corporate identity. Tamper evident security bags act as deterrent to theft. Many would-be thieves are put off once they realise that their attempts to open the bags will be noticed, making concealment of tampering difficult. By adding extra layers of security – signing registers, time-stamps, monitoring systems, cameras etc. – it becomes easier to figure out when and where the bag was handled, and exposing the guilty party.

TruSeal offers expert advice to clients searching for the best security solution for their application. We take pride in the quality of our tamper evident security bags and service, aiming to give you only the best. TruSeal security solutions are trusted by South Africa’s biggest brands. Contact us any time and speak to one of our trained sales persons should you need guidance with your decision.