If keeping your goods safe is a priority, there is no better way to go than tamper-resistant security seals. From cash to jewellery and even legal documents, where preventing unauthorised access in order to maintain confidentiality or protect belongings, tamper-resistant security seals can assist as both a deterrent and as a means to detect intrusion.

TruSeal is trusted by some of South Africa’s biggest names, including Pick and Pay, Standard Bank and FNB. Our tamper-resistant security seals can be used in conjunction with cash bags (Some of our models come with their own security seals), strong boxes and coin bags.

What makes a tamper-resistant security seal?

That’s a good question. “Tamper-resistant” can mean a number of things.

Secure seals

Tamper-resistant security seals can be tamper-resistant by virtue of their toughness of design and durability. Seals like this are difficult to break, engineered to last, and special tools are often needed to gain entry. Some examples would include the TruSeal 203 Bolt Seal, which features a verified and independently tested high-security rating (ISO17712 / 9001:2008) with a high strength steel pin and lock bush. If you are in the market for a cable seal, TruSeal 045 Cable Seals are a high-security option made from a zinc extrusion, covered with ABS plastic and a stainless-steel cable.

TruSeal offers a variety of other tamper-resistant security seals for almost any application; each crafted to the highest industry standards.


Another aspect to consider when considering the tamper-resistant functionality of a seal is the ability to track the seal. Many of our seals (including the two above) come with a surface area large enough to accommodate bar codes or sequential numbers. We can help you out with that as well. By marking the seals a secondary layer of protection is put into place. By establishing check-in points where seals can be scanned, you can keep track of your goods and will immediately know if something goes missing.  Individually marked seals also serve to eliminate the possibility that seals can be broken and covertly replaced as each seal is branded with a unique identifier.


Adding an extra layer of security alongside the previous two, seals that display evidence of tampering can act as an immediate deterrent to any unauthorised entry. Some of our seals clearly display entry, even when solvent, fire, and not to mention mechanical means are used. This acts as a deterrent before an attempt has even been made.

It’s difficult to imagine that security seals can help to act as such a potent means of protection, but with the right seals and the correct implementation and supporting systems, making use of TruSeal tamper-resistant seals can go a long way in protecting your business.