Trailer Door Security Seals

Transporting goods over long distances via trailer? Want to provide an extra layer of security? TruSeal is an established leader in the security seal market and works with a large number of South Africa’s biggest brands in transporting goods and cash to their destinations. Standard Bank, Spar, Fidelity, Nedbank, Pick n Pay, and many more rely on our certified high-security solutions. We offer a wide range of trailer door security seals to suit almost every purpose and budget.

Bolt Seal

Our TruSeal 203 Bolt Seals have been independently tested and have achieved a high-security rating. Manufactured with a high strength steel pin and lock bush, as well as a plastic-coated bolt and locking bush, which are barcoded. These seals are easy to apply and can only be removed with bolt cutters. Barcodes allow for the seals to be catalogued. Furthermore, it’s extremely easy to detect signs of tampering as there is simply no way to remove the seal without using specialised equipment. Most frequently used for application on shipping containers and to secure trucks, the 203 Bolt Seals are ideal trailer door security seals.

045 Cable Seals are a high-security sealing solution. Comprised of a zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic with an NPC stainless steel cable, these seals feature a print area that can easily accommodate large barcodes – 14-digit 2 of 5 interleaved. Used mostly for cash-in-transit, cash boxes, and sea and freight containers, these seals are tough, quick to apply, and can only be removed with the use of bolt cutters. The barcodes, in conjunction with proper security checks, can help to eliminate the possibility of covert, unauthorised replacement of the seals going unnoticed.

For those looking for a slightly more cost-effective solution, the 029 Cable Seal is a great solution. Rated high-security, these seals are ISO 9001:2008 registered and are made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic & NPC stainless steel cable. They are laser marked with 6 and 7- digit code 128 barcode. Once again, quick to apply and tough as nails, these security seals are perfect as trailer door security seals.

Over 2000 companies worldwide use TruSeal seals, including some giant brands like G4S, Spar, SBV,  Standard Bank, Fidelity, and many more. Not only are we proud of our exceptional products, but we strive to understand our customer’s business and work alongside each client in determining the solution that best suits their budget and needs. Our support staff is available to answer any questions you may have.

Get in touch with us via our contact form or give us a call. We look forward to getting to know your business and working alongside you in finding the perfect security solution.