The pandemic has altered the way that thieves operate. “Pilfering” has become more frequent during the epidemic, highlighting the importance of truck seals and security seals in general. Pilfering refers to the looting of portions of a load or goods that have “fallen off the back of a truck”, rather than the theft of the entire trailer, since it is far easier to conceal and sell a few boxes or a pallet. Often this kind of theft may even go unnoticed… Slowly eating away at the company profits. Its important to remember though that when the cost of R100 000 in stock is stolen, your company will need to make R1 000 000 in sales to make up for it.

TruSeal has a range of high security seal solutions for the trucking logistics industry to prevent opportunistic crime. High security seals, when used in conjunction with other preventative measures, will discourage and deter this kind of theft. ‘High Security’ refers to a particular standard which complies with World Customs Organisation’s criteria and which has undergone extensive testing processes. These truck seals and security seals must achieve an ISO 17712:2013 rating.

TruSeal’s Bolt and Cable Seals fall under this category. Often used on shipping containers as well, TruSeal’s Bolt Seal contains a high tensile steel pin and lock brush, and is coated in ABS plastic. It is barcoded and serial numbered. This is used with a track and trace system to catalogue your freight, creating an audit trail, encouraging accountability, to ensure your products arrive at their destination. The Bolt Seal is easily snapped into place, thereby securing the trailer doors and it can only be removed using bolt cutters. TruSeal has the facilities to customise your truck seals and security seals. By printing the corporate logo onto a seal, you will soon notice if the bolt has been replaced en-route. Bolt Seals need around 1300kg of brute force to breach.
TruSeal’s cable seals range is the next best security solution for trailers and trucks. Our 029 Cable Security Seal is laser marked and barcoded with 6 and 7-digit 128 barcode. Made from zinc extrusion, encased in ABS plastic and NPC steel cabling, this tough seal can withstand a force of 100kg. You will need special Knippex cutters to breach the trailer.

The 045 Cable Seals is the 029 Cable Seal’s bulkier cousin, featuring a much wider print area, which can accommodate much larger barcodes, including 14 digit 2 of 5 interleaved. They are also constructed from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic and a formidable steel cable, these seals are single use and can not be manipulated to appear undamaged.

TruSeal also supplies a number of other security seals solutions. Our tamper-evident seals range includes a TruSeal Void Label. This seal is red, has a serial number and is applied to boxes, envelopes etc.. Made from polyester face material, with a high tack adhesive, it is non-transferable once applied to a surface , This seal contains a covert message. If the goods have been tampered with the words “void open” will appear.

You can count on TruSeal having the right truck seal and security seals for you. We are proud to say that we are trusted by over 6000 businesses in South Africa, including some biggest brand names. So call us up and speak to one of our trained sale consultants and they will help you decide on the best defensive for your trucking and logistic requirements.