Crime is ‘big business’ in South Africa. As more and more criminals find ways to enrich themselves, definitive steps need to be taken to counteract them. Cash in transit is especially vulnerable to theft attempts. That’s why industry giants like banking institutions, retail stores and security solution providers turn to TruPack™ Security Bags to help protect their assets.

Here at TruSeal we believe in a wholistic approach to service, thus securing our position as the number one manufacturer and supplier of security seal and bags on the African continent and setting the benchmark for exceptional quality products, customer service and innovation.

Besides our range of security seals, we also stock various of types of security bags. Our patented TruPack™ range is produced from durable materials that can withstand rough handling and years of usage. Armed with our ingenious security locking chamber, our Cash and Valuables Bags can be personalised and branded to your specification.

The TruSeal range is comprised of our TruPack™ 004, TruPack™ 008, TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags, TruPack™ Tamper Evident (TE) and TruPack™ Padlock Security Bags.

TruPack™ 004, TruPack™ 008 are made from hardy PVC nylon and are frequently used to transport and store cash and valuables. The TruPack™ 008 also comes with a barcode for easy cataloguing and monitoring to help keep track of currency. While our TruPack™ Padlock Security Bags are fitted with a padlock chamber to be used with our barcoded or sequentially numbered padlocks or alternatively, tamper indicative seals.

Coins are weighty and can place enormous stress on poorly fabricated TruPack™ Security Bags and overtime cause wear and tear. TruSeal recognises that in these tough times, reusable and recyclable bags are a necessity, not only for our customer’s pockets but also for the environment. That is why TruSeal uses heavy duty PVC nylon that can withstand a beating and a formidable steel pin and washer device to seal them, making TruPack™ CIT Bulk Cash Bags, the sack of choice for FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, and Fidelity Security Group to name a few.

TruPack™ Tamper Evident (TE) bags are used when absolute integrity is required. Forensics companies store and transport evidence and sensitive documents but can also be used as bags for cash and other valuables. TE bags are created from strong 2 or 3 layer transparent or opaque polyethylene, have a branding area for customisation and a sealing mechanism comprised of a liner, membrane, and glue. It is then sealed with pressure sensitive adhesive. These TruPack™ Security Bags are designed to make any attempts to open obvious.

So, if you require trustworthy security products and excellent customer and after-sale service, speak to one of our trained staff members and they will advise you which product best suits your application. We look forward to doing business with you.