Companies wants their brand to stand out. We all have different reasons for branding but there are very practical applications for personalising your TruSeal custom-made products. Vanity plates are great example of ego driven customising, but it still says something about the driver. An example of practical application, is branding products with company logos for marketing and promotion purposes. Sometimes available goods are tailor-made to serve other purposes, making them more effective for the specific user. The best example of highly practical bespoke wares is in the security industry. TruSeal customises a variety of security products such as metal strap seals, bolt seals, security cash bags and indicative seals.

One can find all of the custom-made merchandise on TruSeal’s website or by contacting one of our highly trained professional consultants. They will chat with you about your needs and advise you on the best security solutions for your company. . You will learn more about TruSeal’s available bespoke security bags and seals. Should you have specific needs not addressed by TruSeal’s current available goods, talk to us, perhaps we can personalise another security product from TruSeal and provide a unique solution for you. These purposely built and uniquely crafted security solutions are designed to most effectively deter tampering and theft. We also provide a laser printing service in our manufacturing process to distinguish your company’s seal from other security products. This makes it harder for someone intent on gaining entry or sabotage to replace the seal. TruSeal’s custom-made products are often used in various applications including trailers, containers, cash bags, to name only a few.

TruSeal is the largest local manufacturer of security bags and seals in South Africa for several reasons. Our manufacturing process is highly adaptable to accommodate the most specific requests, while still offering fast turn around times. So if you want tailor made security products, we are able to brand, bags and seals such as barrier, cable, security, bolt and indicative seals to suit your business requirements. We guarantee that you will know whether your merchandise has been tampered with in a timely fashion. TruSeal is the most trusted supplier of custom-made security products in South Africa , serving over 6000 SA enterprises, including big brand names with high security needs. So it makes sense to rely on our TruSeal custom-made products and services, many of which use unique barcodes, serial numbers and company logos to not only secure your goods, but also advertise your business in storage and transit.

TruSeal uses the most up to date security technology for logo branding, bar coding, colour coding, sequential and serial numbering. When applied to TruSeal’s most durable seals, constructed from steel and high density plastic coatings, meeting ISO standards, the customisation can set your mind at ease. TruSeal provides you with the security bags and security seals necessary to meet the high security demands in today’s unstable environment. Living in a fast paced world where our needs change and shift quickly to adapt to new challenges, successful companies need to analyse and adjust their needs to respond to new security threats. We often learn from experience, but it is best to align ourselves with companies who have the experience that TruSeal has. If you need a quick solution, TruSeal custom-made products provide many options for you to choose from.

Who better to use than a company like TruSeal, offering a wide range of security merchandise, including patented products and seals meeting international standards? When your enterprise is searching for super strong seals and bags with your unique branding, use a company that takes your security needs very seriously and prides itself on quality security seals and bags! This is supported by excellent customer service. TruSeal custom-made products are tried, tested and durable, it only makes sense for you to also use the best, because your company deserve peace of mind. Give us a call now!