Our wide range of TX Seals

Our TX Security Seals are used for many applications such as boxes, airlines, warehouses, refineries.

More info about TX Security Seal

TruSeal TX Security Seals are designed to discourage opportunistic stealing, to show evidence of tampering, and to prevent contamination or trafficking of smuggled goods. Of course the correct security protocols and procedures are vital in the effectiveness of security seals, as evidenced by research. These protocols include procedures for obtaining seals, fitting, inspection, storage, removal, disposal, training staff, recordkeeping, reporting, and interpretation of findings.

When applying the correct protocols, you can trust TruSeal seals to prevent bypassing of the seal by professionals or trained individuals. TruSeal aims to minimise the risk of tampering and the temptation of theft by making their seals harder to tamper with and their product of the highest quality with technology to make tampering easy to spot and theft harder to accomplish.

Our TX Security Seals are plastic pull tight, serial numbered seals. These are manufactured from biodegradable polypropylene and have a steel insert. Our range of TX Security Seals have a strap work length of 235mm, thickness of 2mm and require a medium break force averaging 15kg, breached by a strong hand or by cutting.

TruSeal TX Seals are single-use seals, which make them more secure.