Opportunistic theft is a common problem in the world of transport and logistics. The loss of valuable products can lead to financial losses and even a loss of customer confidence. However, barrier seals can help prevent this from happening. But what exactly makes a seal “high security”? And what types of high-security seals are available on the market?

High-security seals are not just regular seals that have been made stronger or tougher. In order to be rated as high security, they must meet world customs and ISO security standards. This involves undergoing rigorous testing and meeting the highest international standards. High-security seals are made of strong materials that require special tools to be opened.

TruSeal offers certified high-security seals that have undergone independent testing at an international level. These seals are endorsed by the World Customs Organisation’s Framework of standards, as well as the US Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT). Bolt seals and cable seals are among the most commonly used high-security seals, especially for sea freight containers. They are numbered to prevent easy replacement and further deter potential theft.
TruSeal offers a variety of high-security seals to suit different needs, and can even provide bespoke solutions tailored to specific businesses. The company is committed to creating the most secure environment possible, in order to prevent the loss of valuable products and protect customer confidence.

TruSeal’s STS203 Bolt Seal is an excellent example of a high-security bolt seal. It is extremely tough, with a high strength steel pin and lock bush, and the laser marked plastic coated bolt and locking bush provides even greater security. The 029 & 045 Cable Seals are also a great option for high-security cable seals. They are made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic & NPC stainless steel cable and individually marked and barcoded with 6 to 7-digit serial number and code various barcode options.

Once a seal has been disturbed by tampering, it cannot be replaced. This makes it easier to detect any unauthorised entry, as the seal cannot be swapped out for another without it being evident. TruSeal’s tamper-evident seals are numbered and/or barcoded, making it easier to trace the transport line back to where the seal was last intact. This can assist with identifying handlers and potentially apprehending culprits.

Using tamper-evident security seals is one of the most effective ways to minimise the risk of opportunistic theft. TruSeal’s range of products and various types of high-security seals including tamper-evident seals and TruPack bags, provide world-leading security to protect businesses and their products. Don’t take the risk of losing valuable products or customer confidence – invest in high-security seals from TruSeal today.