Security Seals are physical mechanisms constructed by different materials and then marked and serially numbered to make them unique. Security Seals are made and used specifically in the protection of valuables and assets. The following combinations used together of Security Seal type, Security Seal color, prefix and serial number are some of the features that makes each Security Seal unique.

Security Seals can be constructed from various materials to achieve different levels of Security. Barrier Security Seals will be constructed mainly with steel or cable, making it very difficult to remove these seals without purpose built tools for removal. Plastic coating of Barrier Seals such as Bolt Seals and Cable Seals will allow for various printing options, color coding and also will provide evidence of tampering. Indicative Security Seals can be made with various types of materials including tin plate, different plastics, like polypropylene, nylon and styrene.

Marking or printing of Security Seals can be done in various ways like laser marking, heat foiling and thermo transfer or embossing.

Barcoding is available on most TruSeal Plastic Security Seals by laser printing, this includes Ultimate Seals, Plastic Strap Seals, STS035, STS029 Cable Seals, STS045 Cable Seals, Bolt Seals and STS008 Security Bag Seals. Thermo transfer is also available on some Security Seals available from TruSeal, laser and thermo transfer technology produce high quality and consistent barcodes.

The most requested barcode for Security Seals is either the numeric only Interleaved 2 of 5, 12 or 14 digit with check digit or the Alpha Numeric Code 128.

2d and QR barcodes may also be available on some plastic Security Seals and are marked using thermo transfer technology. Barcodes are usually marked onto Plastic Security Seals that are made from pastel colors like pink, green, peach, yellow, blue and white.

Laser marking is the practice of using lasers to engrave or leave a mark on an object. This is achieved by color change due to molecular and or chemical alteration, charring or melting. When laser marking Security Seals, no ink is used in this technology or any tool parts that will have contact with the Security Seals engraving surface. These are the distinct properties that distinguish laser marking from other alternative marking technologies.

Although various print options are available on our Security Seals, the manufacturing lead time can vary and in some cases be longer due factors such as manufacturing schedule, security seal type and printing specification. Most of our Security Seals are available ex stock with a pre-determined printing configuration of prefix and serial numbering.

Contact our sales team to discuss your Security Seal requirements and let us come up with Security Sealing Solution that is best for you.