Our wide range of Barrier Security Seals

Our Barrier Security Seals are used for many applications such as cash-in-transit, cash boxes, sea & air freight containers, pre-paid electricity meters, casino gaming tables and laboratories.

More info about TruSeal Barrier Seals

The purpose of TruSeal Barrier Seals is to provide a significant barrier to container entry and to fasten containers and packages to prevent and discourage unauthorised entry. TruSeal Barrier Seals include Cable Seals and Bolt Seals that are considered “high-security”, and that are made to conform to world customs standards. This means that the seals are constructed and manufactured of metal, metal alloys, or metal cable and that they are rigorously tested. Barrier seals can only be removed or cut off using heavy-duty bolt cutters or purpose-made rope shears.

TruSeal Barrier Seals are also used for the purpose of providing evidence of tampering and to help detect theft or a contamination of the two, whether accidental or not. This additional purpose is what makes security seals different from a normal lock. They are considered an inexpensive method of securing containers and giving evidence of intrusion and tampering.

TruSeal Barrier Seals, according to ISO17712 standards, are laser marked with sequential numbering or barcoding as a means of providing tamper evidence. Should these seals be cut off and replaced, having sequential numbering or barcoded markings will make the intrusion and tampering obvious and easy to spot because the number of the replaced seal will be different.

TruSeal Barrier Seals’ effectiveness depends, to a large extent, on the application of proper protocols surrounding the use of the seal. Protocols such as inspection, removal, and disposal of seals. Proper record-keeping and security training for staff is essential, and equally important is inspecting seals using a standard operating procedure, and correctly interpreting any findings. When good protocols and standard procedures are in place and properly applied, a TruSeal Barrier Seal provides excellent security.

TruSeal Barrier Seals include the STS029 Cable Seal, the STS045 Cable Seal, the STS203 Bolt Seal, and the ISO approved H Bolt Seal.