When it comes to securing assets, TruSeal stands out as a reliable partner, offering a diverse range of sealing solutions designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. In this spotlight, we explore three distinctive categories of utility seals – Lead Seals, Clip Seals, and YP10 ABS Plastic Seals – each serving specific applications with precision and reliability.

Clip Seal, Serial Numbered: Versatility in Security


  • Material: Tin Plated Steel
  • Usage: Trucks, Logistics, Refineries, Cargo, Utilities
  • Units: 1000 seals

TruSeal’s Clip Seals, featuring a serial numbering systems, are a versatile solution for a wide array of applications. Paired with sealing wire or string, these seals find their place in securing trucks, logistics, refineries, cargo, and utility installations. Crafted from durable tin-plated steel, these utility seals are designed to withstand the challenges of various environments.

Lead Seals 10mm: The Heavyweight Protector


  • Material: 99% Lead
  • Size: 10mm
  • Quantity: Approximately 300 seals per kg

For applications demanding a robust and tamper-evident control solution, TruSeal’s Lead Seals in 10mm size are the heavyweight protectors. Composed of 99% lead, these seals offer unparalleled strength. Sold by weight, with approximately 300 seals per kg, they are ideal for situations where the emphasis is on both security and material durability.

YP10 Seals 10mm ABS Plastic: A Balance of Strength and Efficiency


  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Quantity: Sold per 1000 seals
  • Usage: Used with Sealing Wire & Sealing Plier crimping

The YP10 ABS Plastic 10mm Seals strike a balance between strength and efficiency. Crafted from durable ABS plastic, these seals are sold per 1000 units. Their compatibility with sealing wire and sealing pliers for crimping makes them a versatile and user-friendly choice for a variety of applications.

Sealing Pliers: Precision Handling


  • Die Size: 10mm
  • Maximum Seal Size: 11mm
  • Handle Length: 170mm
  • Weight: 375g

For the utmost precision in sealing, TruSeal presents Sealing Pliers. With a 10mm die size, these pliers are designed for efficient crimping. The 170mm handle length ensures comfortable operation, while the 375g weight strikes a perfect balance between sturdiness and user-friendliness.

Sealing Wire per Roll: Spirally Lashed Security


  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Length: 500m per roll
  • Diameter: ID 0.6mm, OD 0.3mm
  • Usage: Used with clip seals for Trucks, Logistics, Refineries, Cargo
  • Units: per roll of 500m

Completing the ensemble, TruSeal’s Sealing Wire per Roll offers 500 meters of spirally lashed galvanized steel wire. With an inner diameter of 0.6mm and an outer diameter of 0.3mm, this wire is specifically designed for use with clip seals. It finds its application in securing the integrity of trucks, logistics, refineries, and cargo containers.

Choosing the Right Solution: Tailoring Security to Your Needs

  • Clip Seals: Versatile and widely applicable, ideal for various industries.
  • Lead Seals: Heavy-duty protection for situations demanding the utmost in strength.
  • YP10 ABS Plastic Seals: A balance of strength and efficiency, user-friendly and compatible with sealing wire.
  • Sealing Pliers: Precision tools for crimping seals with ease.
  • Sealing Wire: Spirally lashed galvanized steel for use with clip seals in logistics, refineries, and cargo.

In conclusion, TruSeal’s comprehensive range of lead seals, clip seals, YP10 ABS Plastic 10mm Seals, Sealing Pliers, and Sealing Wire ensures that there’s a tailored solution for every security need. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the ideal sealing solution for your unique applications.