Lockable Security Bags

Lockable Security Bags

If you are looking for the most secure bag to transport your cash, documents, or other valuables, look no further. TruSeal lockable security bags are tough, secure, and reusable.

Lockable security bags are essential to any business that requires that goods of any sort be transported – provided they fit in bags. Before we discuss the extremely durable materials used in the TruSeal range of bags, their resistance to the roughest of handling, and the different shapes and sizes that you can get them in, it’s important to clarify just why lockable security bags are a step in the right direction for any business.

  1. Waste

Disposable bags of any sort contribute to waste, both in terms of financial resources and they have a negative impact on the environment. Lockable security bags may cost more at the onset, but will save you money down the line. They are also far more secure. TruSeal makes a bag that can be locked with padlocks, should you decide not to purchase breakable locking seals. The environment will also thank you. All of that disposable plastic has to go somewhere and not everyone recycles.

  1. Preventative measures against intrusion

Our TruSeal lockable security bags, fitted with indicative seals are intimidating to potential thieves. Just knowing that someone is going to do a security check and that they might get caught out is often enough to dissuade intrusion. Should intrusion occur, the location can easily be determined and the list of potential suspects can greatly be narrowed. All this assuming that efficient security measures have been implemented and are being enforced. Finally, a strongly made PVC nylon bag with a tough security seal or padlock in place requires far more time and effort to open, essentially making intrusion much more difficult in the first place.

  1. Measures against theft

Most of the TruSeal seals can be laser marked with serial numbers or barcodes. With proper inspection protocols in place, a missing bag can more easily be identified and reported.

  1. Options

TruSeal offers a range of seals to be used in combination with our range of bags, which means that whatever your specific needs, we’ve most probably got exactly what you are looking for. Every business is unique and we understand that – and that’s what motivates us to stay at the forefront of technology, so that we can offer you a product that works exactly as you need it to.

TruPack 004 and 008 Security Bags are made of reinforced PVC Nylon and are fitted with TruSeal’s security locking chamber. They can be used with a number of seals.

Our TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are made for carrying larger quantities and are sealed with the unique to TruSeal pin and washer and are made of heavy-duty PVC Nylon.

TruPack Padlock Bags can be locked with padlocks or pull-tight security seals. These bags are also made of reinforced PVC Nylon.

Feel free to get in touch with us for further advice regarding lockable security bags. We look forward to hearing from you.

Why Use Security Bags?

Why should you consider using security bags? What’s the difference between different types of security bags? The answer really depends on your application and how the use of security bags fits within your current security framework.

Here are some points to consider:

Security bags are tough

Wear and tear damages accrued through regular usage can cost a business a substantial amount of money when bags frequently need to be replaced. When it’s toughness you are looking for, getting a long lasting security bag that still retains its protective properties throughout the lifespan of its usage is the way to go.


Not all regular bags are manufactured to be tamper-evident, and in some cases a separate seal often needs to be used in conjunction with a bag in order to observe tampering. TruSeal reusable security bags are, however, designed and made to be tamper-evident and tough so that entry cannot easily be gained through the bag itself. They also provide exceptional resistance against general wear and tear, thereby protecting the contents within. TruSeal manufactures a special range of security bags and padlock security bags for greater layers of protection.


Plastic once-off use Tamper-evident bags are not reusable and need to be replaced once opened as the tamper seal, once broken, cannot be reverted to its original state. Most industries transporting valuable goods or money make use of these bags in conjunction with a comprehensive security platform to discourage and keep track of possible tampering and theft, whether deliberate or accidental. TruSeal Stop-Loss Bags can guard against tampering if attacked by heating or freezing, solvents, moisture or mechanically.

Bar Codes

Cash drop and Stop-Loss Bags can be identified with their individual serial numbers and barcodes. That means that bags cannot simply be removed or replaced. Bags can be electronically identified & tracked further discouraging theft.


Investors, consumers, and clients need to feel confident in a business’s ability to safely transport valuables. Making use of quality security bags, alongside a thorough security plan, can go a long way to inspire trust and discourage any malicious behaviour.


TruSeal is South Africa’s largest manufacturer of security bags. We maintain our reputation by providing our clients with security bags of exceptional quality and by ensuring fast turnaround times. We will also gladly advise you as to what kind of bag you may need for your particular application. Not only that, but we also provide customised products, should you require your branding to be present on the bag.

We have established a courier network to and from Johannesburg, where our orders are processed, so that you get your products in the shortest time possible.

TruSeal is trusted by some of the biggest names in South Africa. We look forward to working with you.

Security Seal company is evolving rapidly

Security Seal company TruSeal is evolving rapidly and felt it time to evolve our brand identity to reflect this.

Security Seal company TruSeal evolved logo

Security Seal company TruSeal evolved logo

The world is changing quickly through advancements in digital technology, be it sales, marketing or manufacturing.

TruSeal have spent the last few years investing in our digital strategy to make sure we are geared to take advantage of these and stay connected to our customers and give them further value.

Our sales, marketing and manufacturing departments make use of todays most advanced digital tools to make sure you are given a different level of service, value and convenience.

Recent overseas visits to our Security Seal partners will see new products made with the worlds most advanced technologies added to our Security Seal offering to the Sub-Saharan Africa markets.

We wanted our evolved logo to be bold, distinctive and instantly recognised. It has been simplified and also updated with the latest digital friendly fonts that work across all platforms.

New digital advancements will give you more information at your fingertips to help you quickly make decisions on which tamper-evident products to use and which digital printing options would best suite your needs.

If it’s the latest technology you require, you can rely on TruSeal to deliver.

Security Bags and the Environment

Today more than ever companies are aware of the environmental impact of their operations. Ensuring the sustainability of our planet’s natural resources has become important from a consumer perception and marketing point of view, but there are also tax incentives for measurable savings in energy consumption by companies.

What are Truseal Security Bags made of?

TruSeal Security Bags are made of Polyvinyl Chloride coated Nylon, more commonly known as PVC. Plastics are often perceived as throwaway or single-use materials. However, in reality plastics, especially PVC, are durable materials that do not rust or corrode. This plastic is resistant to oil, chemicals, sunlight, and weathering. It is strong and long lasting. This makes it the ideal material for use in reusable bags such as TruSeal’s Security Bags. PVC is a material well-suited to recycling and in most cases is 100% recyclable. The magnitude of CO2 emission for the material we use throughout its life cycle is an important factor when considering the global warming issue. PVC is proven as a material with minimal environmental load in terms of CO2 emissions from manufacturing and recycling, when compared with other plastics or even metal or glass products of the same application.

Why Choose Reusable Security Bags

A security bag that can be manufactured once and used repeatedly over a period of years before being recycled is not only more economical from a capital expenditure point of view but will also be kinder to the environment than a single use product. TruSeal Security Bags are durable and long lasting and remain tamper-proof throughout their life cycle. Our Security Bags are available with a padlock chamber or with a chamber accommodating a small single use barcoded or numbered plastic seal, so that the material that must be recycled after each use is kept to a minimum.

Reusable Security Bags and Your Company’s Sustainability Score

Although your choice of Security Bags and Seals may only have a very small impact of your overall sustainability score on the GRI G4 core indicators, or your quantifiable energy saved expressed as kwh (kilowatt hours). Every purchasing and operational decision counts and adds up to form part of your company’s holistic strategy to become more sustainable and energy conscious. Reusable security bags are an effective countermeasure against theft and tampering that is as sustainable as possible if used and disposed of correctly. TruSeal is committed to constantly innovating and using the latest available technology to provide reliable quality products that are cost-effective and sustainable.