Preserving the integrity of evidence is paramount in a world where security and accountability are non-negotiable. TruSeal takes a leap forward in this pursuit with their Tamper Evident Security Bags – a sophisticated solution designed to not only secure but to showcase any tampering attempts with utmost clarity.

The Crucial Role of TE Security Bags in Preserving Evidence

In legal, forensic, and sensitive environments, maintaining the integrity of evidence is a cornerstone of the justice systems. Tampering with evidence can compromise investigations, legal proceedings, and the trust placed in the security systems. This is where TruSeal’s TE Security Bags step in as a crucial tool to safeguard the chain of custody and maintain the unassailable integrity of evidence.

Unveiling the Features of TruSeal’s TE Security Bags

1. Precision Closure Technology: The closure of TruSeal’s TE Security Bags is not just a mechanical process; it’s a precision application involving three entities – liner, membrane, and glue. Executed by a state-of-the-art bag-making machine, this ensures a level of security that goes beyond conventional methods.

2. High-Strength Virgin Polyethylene: Manufactured from high-strength 2- or 3-layer Top Quality Virgin opaque or clear Polyethylene, these bags offer robust protection against tampering and environmental factors.

3. Customization for Varied Needs: TruSeal understands that one size doesn’t fit all. TE Security Bags are available in standard stock sizes and can be customized to suit the unique specifications of clients.

4. Sequential Numbers and Barcodes: Each bag comes with a unique sequential number or barcode, providing a trackable and traceable system for enhanced security.

5. Client-Specific Alpha Prefix and Starting Number: Clients can request specific alpha prefixes and starting numbers, offering a personalized touch to the security measures.

6. Security Edge Print and Scissor Cut Line: The security edge print on the side seal ensures visibility of any tampering attempt. Additionally, a scissor cut line indicates precisely where the bag should be opened, minimizing the risk of accidental damage during access.

7. Labeled Boxes for Organized Storage: Packed into labeled boxes, each indicates the size, number of bags, and the sequence of numbers, ensuring an organized and accountable storage system.

8. Perforation for Extra Preventative Measures: Perforations on the upper and lower sections of the security seal act as an extra preventative measure. Any attempt at manual tampering triggers visible evidence of interference.

Beyond Security: A Commitment to Integrity

TruSeal’s TE Security Bags are not just about securing physical items; they represent a commitment to upholding the integrity and control of processes, investigations, and legal proceedings. In a world where evidence preservation is paramount, TruSeal stands as a trusted partner, providing a solution that goes beyond mere security – it ensures transparency and accountability in every step of the process.


In the realm of evidence preservation, every detail matters. TruSeal’s Tamper Evident Security Bags are not just bags; they are a shield against compromise, a testament to the dedication towards maintaining the integrity of evidence. Contact TruSeal today to explore how TE Security Bags can elevate your security standards and ensure the unassailable preservation of evidence.