Biodegradable Security Seals

TruSeal prepares quarter-million biodegradable security seals for SA delivery

The problem of billions of non-biodegradable plastic straws ending up in the world’s oceans has received much attention of late. This prompted local security seal specialist, TruSeal (Pty) Ltd, to investigate environmentally-friendly options for its range of tamper-evident plastic security seals.

“We use a lot of plastic in the Security Seal industry; the seals are used to secure moveable goods and high-value assets in several logistics-based industries including the retail and supply chain environments. They are ubiquitous and, once used, have the potential to become an environmental nuisance if not properly-managed,” says TruSeal director, Brent Cramer.

“Currently, plastics only break down into smaller constituent parts. While saving landfill space, this has remained a source of concern for some time and so we’re especially pleased to have sourced a green solution to the issue of using once-off-use plastics adding to the carbon footprint of several client industries,” explains Mr Cramer.

The new TruSeal product extension is produced in a special biodegradable material sourced from Malaysia. Once this material comes into contact with an environment like a landfill – or even a compost heap – where certain naturally-occurring microbes are present, it will begin to biodegrade. “This is an incredible solution to a burgeoning issue for our industry,” adds Mr Cramer.

Biodegradable security seals are used by a mere handful of companies across the globe, with TruSeal being the first in South Africa to roll-out this green solution. The company says it is preparing an impressive 250 000 biodegradable security seals for delivery across South Africa in the first quarter of 2019. From this first green option, TruSeal will eventually phase in a biodegradable option across all of its product lines.

The TruSeal security seal system creates collective responsibility around moveable items like airline cargo, fast-moving consumer goods, high-value electronic products, other valuable commodities and transported goods. The system identifies each individual in the custodial chain and creates a sense of ownership. Numbers and unique identifying marks also create an audit trail that prevents theft. Seals clearly indicate signs of tampering and can identify the person responsible for the goods at the time of the tampering.

The TruSeal product range includes tamper-evident security seals, security bags, key wallets, pouches, security envelopes and heavy-duty bulk cash sacks. In addition, the company’s extensive local manufacturing facilities ensure products are effectively customised for the unique South African commercial and industrial climate.

Custom Printed Security Seals

Custom Printed Security Seals

TruSeal is South Africa’s premiere security seal manufacturer and, as such, we strive to accommodate our client’s needs. We understand that many businesses have tried and tested systems and would like an easy solution that requires minimal effort to implement. We also understand the value in branding and keeping in line with your established Corporate Identity. TruSeal has a solution in the form of custom printed security seals.

Making use of high-quality security seals is of benefit to any business, especially when used in conjunction with a thorough security process. Most businesses already have their own systems set up or require a system that integrates with their business. Items might be labelled sequentially or with codes to be scanned at incoming and outgoing checkpoints, or in warehousing.

TruSeal offers a wide variety of custom printed security seals – barrier, bolt, cable, security and indicative seals, many of which can be custom printed with serial numbers or barcodes to suit your business requirements.

Implementing an effective security system where goods in transit can be scanned at checkpoints will allow for better tracking as a primary detection method of theft or loss. Goods can more easily be accounted for as they reach checkpoints as seals can be marked with unique identifying codes that allow for a quick and painless scanning process.

Custom printed security seals act as a deterrent to theft – each seal differs from the others. The mere fact that a secure system is being enforced also assists in reducing potential theft by implication that all goods will be checked and tracked. Security seals also can’t be covertly broken and replaced as the replacement seal won’t have the same serial number or barcode as the previous one. Theft from within the business is less likely when the threat of detection is greater and the location of theft can easily be determined by following a serial or barcode trail and checking the last scanned location. A similar process can assist in isolating suspects or in identifying areas of weaker security. Goods with a custom printed security seal can be identified if they had gone missing and were later found.

Your business is unique, so are your security processes. We offer the highest quality laser-printed, barcode or serial numbered seals for operations of any size – we adhere to the strictest international standards and apply the same level of attention to detail when manufacturing custom printed security seals.

As any business knows, keeping your branding in line is important. That’s why we offer custom printed security seals featuring your company logo – it looks more professional, and serves as an additional layer of brand presence, wherever your sealed products go.

Contact us now for a free quote on custom printed security seals for your business.

Barcode Security Seals

Barcode Security Seals

Looking for an easy way to record the serial numbers off your Security Seals?

Barcode seals can make it easy to record numbers into a database, reducing process times and reducing human errors. Track goods as they pass through checkpoints and at receiving and outgoing points en route to their destination.

Barcode seals can be scanned and details digitally recorded, time- and location-captured on a system, and any irregularities noted and acted upon. Say, for instance, several thousand packages needed to be moved from point A to point F – some go missing at point C and a few more at point D. The check-in times have also been taken account of. It is then easy to take note of patterns that might paint a clearer picture as to what might be going on: Were items double-scanned, which means that someone forgot to load them, or were they simply not scanned at all, which could mean that they were quite likely stolen? Who was on shift at those times? Do packages seem to go missing when those same individuals are on shift each time?

In this manner, one can determine cause and narrow down suspects. Going without a system would leave you in the dark, anyone could be at fault and the theft could have occurred at any location on the route. Of course, this works best when a rigorously tested system has been implemented. That being said, any system is better than no system, and barcode seals can go a long way in making the process much easier and far more effective.

Not only will barcode security seals assist in tracking products, and isolating negative elements where theft is involved, they provide an additional function as a potent psychological deterrent to theft. With a well-implemented security system in place, records are kept as goods are moved from one location to another. Barcode security seals on packaging will give negative elements pause before committing unsavoury acts that might, more immediately, damage your finances; and in the long term have an impact on your company’s reputation. When it becomes obvious that everything will be checked, there is more inherent risk to theft. That, coupled with the fact that suspects and location can be isolated, helps in heavily dissuading malicious activity.

Ultimately, barcode security seals are a cost-effective way of adding an additional layer of security to that which you have previously implemented. Coupled with an effective system and tough security bags and seals, and risk of theft and product loss is greatly diminished.

TruSeal is proud to be an innovator in the security seal market and caters to businesses of any size. Contact us for a quote and our highly trained staff will assist you in finding the best solution for your business.

Shipping Container Security Seals

Shipping Container Security Seals

Whether by air, road, or sea, goods are constantly in transit from one location to the next. Any company moving large numbers of goods is familiar with the use of shipping containers and the security measures that need to be taken in order to ensure that their goods arrive safely and untouched. Choosing the right shipping container security seals are a major consideration when implementing security protocols.

It’s vitally important to have proper security checks in place alongside the use of seals that best support inspection and identification of intrusion. This, along with the right seals for the job, can act as a deterrent and, in some cases completely prevent intrusion even when great efforts have been applied.

With varying levels of security available to suit your requirements and budget, TruSeal has you covered.

The most widely used seals in the industry are Bolt Security Seals. The application is as easy as pressing the two parts of the seal together to lock. A purpose built bolt cutter is required to remove the seal once it has been put in place. Both the seal lock bush and bolts are serially numbered ensuring easy detection should the seal have covertly been replaced. These seals are made of a high strength steel pin and lock bush, plastic coated and laser marked. Check out the TruSeal 203 bolt seal for an exceptional shipping container seal.

Indicative Security Seals are primarily designed to indicate intrusion. The THL Seal, which comes in different colours and is serially numbered features a spring steel insert. The Bulltip seal is an exceptional seal that can withstand extreme temperatures – from boiling to freezing. T Metal Strip Seals are manufactured from tin-plated steel with a unique double locking action. Installation inspection is made easy with holes in the lockbox, allowing viewing of the tips of the “T” mechanism to ensure correct locking and to assess for pre-tampering.

Cable Security Seals like the 029 Cable Seal and 045 Cable Seal need to be removed by purpose built Cable Cutters. They come in various lengths, allowing for both doors of the container to be sealed, should the cable security seal be long enough. These shipping container security seals are also great for detecting intrusion. Both the 029 Cable Seal and 045 Cable Seals can be laser marked and barcoded. Where smaller marking is required, the 029 Cable Seal is perfect. It’s a certified high-security seal made from zinc extrusion covered in ABS plastic and NPC stainless cable that can be branded with a 6 and 7 digit 128 barcode. The 045 Cable Seal features the same high-security construction and durability, but with a much larger space available for barcodes, including 14-digit 2 of 5 interleaved.

TruSeal remains at the cutting edge of the security seal industry. We enjoy learning about our client’s needs – not only because it helps us stay ahead with the best technology – but also because we are interested in assisting you in making the best choice for your business. Feel free to get in touch via the contact form or give us a call. We look forward to optimising your shipping container security seal solution.

Bank Security Bags

Bank Security Bags

Bank security bags are a necessity for transporting cash. Why a security bags as opposed to the old canvas bags of yesteryear?

TruSeal bank security bags come in various shapes and sizes, each made from a unique material and designed for specific application in your workplace. Our bags are tough, can handle the roughest handling and are reusable (except for the TE Bags Stop-Loss and TE Bags Plastic Drop Safe), which means that wastage, breakages, and theft can be minimized. More importantly, many of our products can be barcoded or can be fitted with barcoded seals. With an effective system in place, chances of theft and can be further reduced as your cash in transit can easily be tracked from one location to the next.

TE Bags Plastic Drop Safe are made of transparent plastic and can be serially barcoded and numbered.

TE Bags Plastic Stop Loss are branded with tamper evident print and are highly reliable at indicating any signs of intrusion, thereby having the second function of acting as an effective psychological deterrent. These bank security bags instantly display clear indication when attacked by solvents, heating, freezing, moisture or mechanical means.

TruPack 004 and 008 are both manufactured in South Africa and are fitted with the TruSeal security locking chamber, are reusable and are made of durable PVC nylon material. The 004 variant can be used with the 004 range of TruSeal security seals, and the 008 variant can be fitted with the 004 and 008 versions of TruSeal security seals. The advantage provided by these bags is that the perfect seals for the job can be chosen, many of which can be barcoded. The nylon used in the construction is very tough, can withstand extreme levels of rough handling, and immediately be reused once a new seal has been put in place.

The TruSeal CIT Bulk Cash Bags are manufactured in South Africa and are made specifically for the transport of large volumes of cash, bank notes, and coins. Unlike the TruPack range, they are sealed with the TruSeal unique steel pin and washer and, in order to accommodate for the toughest of conditions, are made from heavy-duty PVC Nylon.

Fitted with TruSeal’s patented security padlock chamber, TruPack Security Bags are designed from PVC Nylon and are reusable. They provide an alternative sealing solution for those who prefer the use of padlocks or plastic pull-tight security seals.

The benefits of using TruSeal bank security bags are obvious. We have carefully manufactured products to suit even the most exacting requirements using state of the art design that adheres to the highest international standards.

Too many options and they all sound just as good? We would love to get in touch with you, discuss your bank security bags requirements and budget, and advise you in making the best decision for your business.

Bar-Coded Security Seals

Bar-Coded Security Seals

How do you ensure the integrity & greater control of your supply chain systems?

Perhaps best method is to employ the use of bar-coded security seals.


Securing valuables for transport with strong security seals is a great deterrent in the prevention of theft, provided that you chose the right seal for the job. TruSeal manufactures & distributes world class products that are exceptionally durable and can be relied on to maintain their integrity even under the toughest of conditions. Employing security of this level already acts as a deterrent to any potential thieves. Breaking in and making away with goods becomes that much more difficult when some of the toughest seals in the industry are being used.

That being said, some particularly tenacious thieves might persist. That brings us to the next level of protection that can be employed. Bar-coded security seals serve a dual purpose.  Firstly, they act as a psychological deterrent – making it known that each seal will be scanned and accounted for goes a long way in dissuading potential thieves from even attempting to gain access to protected goods. It’s one thing to be able to remove a seal and covertly replace it with another, but the situation changes dramatically when each individual seal can easily be identified and accounted for at each checkpoint. Most negative elements would quickly reconsider taking action when they know that the products are being monitored in this manner.

Secondly, bar coded security seals act as a means to easily identify where theft has taken place. Should an individual break a bar coded security seal in order to steal or tamper with protected goods, the location, time, and even list of suspects can be narrowed down dramatically. Most Bar-coded security seals cannot simply be broken and swapped out.

Of course, this relies on the security system that has been implemented and level of vigilance with which it is enforced. As mentioned, logs for security seals should be kept and items should be scanned, or otherwise taken note of at various checkpoints. In the event that a seal is broken for legitimate reasons, the process and replacement seal should be logged so as to avoid confusion down the line.

Bar coded security seals are so much more than mere security seals. With proper implementation, they act as tracking mechanisms for your goods.


Barcoding can be done in a variety of different ways; the majority by laser printing, as in the case with the TX Security Seals, THL Security Seals, TM Security Seal, STS029 Cable Seals, STS045 Cable Seals, Bolt seals and STS008 Security Bag Seals. Laser printed bar-coded security seals are by far the best, with an exceptionally high-quality barcode being produced.

TruSeal is a market leader in security seal technology that offers certified high-security solutions to businesses of any size and in any industry. Contact us for more information on our bar-coded security seal solutions. We look forward to helping you implement the perfect security solution for your business.

Wire Security Seals

Wire Security Seals

TruSeal wire security seals allow for easy use with the primary focus being on industrial application. The flexibility and low cost associated with using wire security seals makes them a great choice when restricting access to water meters, electricity meters, rail freight, refineries, and gas meters.
They are great for use in hard to reach places and can be made as long or short as required.

Types of TruSeal wire security seals

TruSeal wire security seals can be fastened with lead or TruClip seals, each with their own unique method of application. Read on to find out which is best for you.

Lead Seals


A wire security seal kit fastened with a lead seal is comprised of three items: Lead (which we are going to focus on for this article), sealing pliers, and sealing wire.

These seals are quick to apply and can easily be checked for tampering. Should you wish to personalize your seals our cast carbon steel, chrome-plated pliers can be supplied with non-standard engraved dies bearing characters or numbers of your choosing. This addition allows for characters or numbers to be embossed or debossed into the seal upon crimping.

It’s easy to apply your first wire security seal. The wire can either come on a roll or pre-cut for convenience. If you have the pre-cut wire, you’re good to move right ahead. If you have the roll, remove enough sealing wire for application.

Next it’s time to thread the sealing wire through the application (whatever it is that needs locking) and through one of our 10mm lead seals. Make sure that both ends of the wire have been pulled through, leaving no slack.

Crimp the seal with the sealing pliers, and you are good to go.


When it’s time to remove the seal, follow proper security checks. Inspect the seal thoroughly to check for any form of tampering. If the seal has been damaged, report or follow the otherwise required protocol.

The wire security seal can efficiently be removed with a sharp pair of cutters.

TruClip Seals

TruClip seals offer an alternative to plastic or the aforementioned lead seals. TruClip seals are made of tin plate and are suitable for use in hot environments. They don’t require pliers for application and can easily be applied by hand. They can also be branded with a longer sequence of identifying numbers or characters.


Thread the sealing wire through the TruClip seal, leaving enough slack to apply the clip seal. Cross the seal wire, close the clip and you are done. At this point it would be wise to capture any necessary details.


When it’s time to remove the seal, follow proper security checks. Inspect the seal thoroughly to check for any form of tampering. If the seal has been damaged, report or follow the otherwise required protocol.

The wire security seal can efficiently be removed with a sharp pair of cutters.

TruSeal offers a wide array of security seals to suit almost any need and for use in any environment. Contact us so that we can assist you in finding the security solution that’s the perfect fit for your requirements and budget.

Security Deposit Bags

Security Deposit Bags

Moving cash from one location to another is most probably a part of your enterprise. For many, like casinos or banks, investing in a security bag solution is a no-brainer. For many others, cash transportation forms only a small part of the overall enterprise. In either case, the question is not whether you should invest in security deposit bags. Today, anyone still using regular canvas bags to transport cash or other valuables is putting their business at serious risk. The big question revolves around which security deposit bags to use. Some are better than others – and by a wide margin.

Cloth bags were replaced by tamper evident security bags more than two decades ago. In this time many manufacturers have taken to selling products of varying quality. Security deposit bags sold as tamper evident don’t always function as expected with some failing to indicate tampering when a small slit is made in the bag, or more unconventional methods have been used to gain access to contents. Nowadays, quick checks are made of the bags to see if any tampering has occurred, and if the bag’s security measures haven’t been triggered, the bag is passed along in the process without anyone the wiser.

Worse still, are bags of such poor quality tamper markings appear with normal handling, even though no attempt was made to open the bag at any point. These bags get handled a lot and by many people throughout their journey. Unfortunately, rough handling is expected to occur due to large volumes being processed. False positives result in holdups. Tellers then have to check the cash in the bags. After enough of these, tellers sometimes become complacent in checking and reporting since they begin to assume that, “The next one is most probably just another false positive.” That’s clearly no good.

Other problems include bags made of such fragile materials that they simply burst open during handling. Incidents like these are a complete disaster.

TruSeal is South Africa’s top supplier of high quality security deposit bags. The bags are made to withstand extremely rough handling and the tamper evident range, while tough enough to comfortably handle punishment, are extremely reliable at indicating intrusion by any means – heating, freezing, solvents, moisture, or mechanically – no problem.

Plastic drop safe security bags have a tough plastic construction for holding coins and notes.

TruPack 004 and 008 Security Bags are made of durable PVC nylon, are designed to be re-usable, and are fitted with TruSeal’s security locking chamber which can be used with the either the 004 or barcoded 008 security seals.

TruPack CIT Bulk Cash Security Bags are made of heavy – duty PVC nylon and are sealed with a steel pin and washer.

Security deposit bags play an important role in any business that transports cash or valuables of any kind. If you are going to invest in this, do yourself a favour and invest in a quality product that performs as well as you need it to.

We’ve established a reputation as the premiere supplier of security deposit bags. Give us a call or contact us through the website so that we can assist you in choosing the security solution that best meets your requirements and budget.

Security tamper evident bags

Security tamper evident bags

Law firms, cash in transit, anyone that moves high-value cargo is at risk of theft. Legal documentation, sensitive material that can have adverse consequences should it fall into the wrong hands, can easily be stolen. Packages can be opened, their contents copied. A few pages could go missing and no one would know. Money can go missing, a few notes stolen at a time.

Trust in your staff is important when running a business. At the same time, it pays to invest in preventative measures whenever possible – even if it’s just a deterrent.

The cost to any business in terms of reputation and financial loss can vary – it really depends on the nature of the valuables to be transported. At the end of the day, though, opting for zero protection is a gamble – that’s the only way of looking at it. Any serious business owner wouldn’t consider gambling with their livelihood.

Security tamper evident bags are designed to clearly indicate any efforts at tampering, but are tough enough to withstand rough handling. Better still, TruSeal is able to customise and make special security bags to suit your needs.

As a deterrent to theft, security tamper evident bags work wonders. Just the knowledge that intrusion will be detected is enough to dissuade most potential thieves and anyone else that would want to gain unauthorised access for any reason. Thieves tend to go for easier targets. Furthermore, should illegal tampering occur, with proper monitoring systems and checks in place, the location and time of tampering can more easily be deduced. They can’t be replaced or patched up. Indication of tampering leads to a broken seal, and efforts can then be made to check when and where the bag was last scanned, which personnel where handling the products at the time, and how the seal was broken.

Without such measures or security tamper evident bags, the chance of detecting intrusion is dramatically reduced and most instances of theft will more than likely go undetected – until the damage is far greater than it could have otherwise been, or it is far too late to apprehend the culprit and perform damage control in a timely fashion.

TruSeal’s Plastic Stop-Loss Security Bag is a prime example of a high quality security tamper evident bag. Not only does clearly indicate if the bag has been opened via conventional means, but it also shows evidence of tampering if attacked by heating, freezing, solvents, moisture, or by any mechanical means.

Made in state of the art manufacturing facilities, TruSeal security tamper evident bags are designed to the highest international standards. Avoid taking chances with your business. Eliminate unnecessary risk. Choose a brand that has proven itself.

Get in touch with us so that we can assist you in choosing the most effective security solution for your business.

High Quality Security Seals Meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards

High Quality Security Seals Meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards

About PAS ISO 17712

So, what’s the deal with high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 Standards and what does it mean for your business? Run a search for security seals and you’ll see pretty much anything that you could ever possibly need in terms of security seal solutions. The real trouble comes in the deciding what makes one brand better than another? What about the classification of seals? More importantly (and to cut to the chase) what’s the best seal for your business and why?

See, the dangers of investing in inferior products cannot be emphasized enough. Going the cheapest route mostly means that you aren’t sure of what you are getting right up until something goes wrong. Pick blindly and the product may not live up to expectations down the line. How much is that going to cost your business in terms of profit? How much in terms of your reputation?

Cutting costs and making uninformed decisions in the short term can turn into a very expensive and potentially embarrassing exercise in the long run.

The answer: High Quality Security Seals.

High quality security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards have achieved, if not surpassed, the requirements laid out by the International Organization for Standardisation. What this means for you and your business is that investing in ISO PAS 17712 seals gets you security seals that conform to the highest international standards. That’s a big deal. In fact, the quality of security seals is so important that, by law, all containers bound for the US have to be secured with high security seals.

The testing process

A third-party laboratory performs all testing. All Bolt seals and Cable qualifying as high security seals through the ISO PAS 17712 testing are marked with “H” on the seal’s body – that’s an easy way of identifying a high security seal.

The first round of testing is done to determine the seal’s physical strength. This constitutes mechanical testing. We’re looking at toughness here – the sheer strength of the seal – its reliability and durability.

The second round of testing, a newly implemented requirement, requires high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards to be tamper evident. Such seals must provide clear indication in the event of any form of tampering. Seals disturbed in this manner cannot be replaced without the action being noticed because they can be marked with a unique number that is recordered upon sending and checked upon delivery. TruSeal high security seals are all marked with a prefix & 6 or 7-digit serial number with various barcoding options also available.


The testing process involved in obtaining ISO PAS 17712 certification is extremely thorough and seals that qualify are at the very pinnacle of the security seal market. The manufacturing facilities have to be cutting edge and must adhere to international standards of practice.

TruSeal is proud to have a range of high security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards. We maintain the highest standard of quality throughout our product range and continue to innovate and improve, meeting even the most demanding customer’s needs.

Comprehensive testing through regulated bodies to achieve high-security status is mandatory for a reason – to protect business owners from unnecessary risk to their product and their reputation. TruSeal high Security seals meeting ISO PAS 17712 standards can be trusted to perform. That’s what it all comes down to. If you are serious about security, about protecting your reputation and products, have a look at our high security seal range or get in touch with us so that we can help you to develop the ideal security solution for your business.