When it comes to securing your assets, TruSeal understands the importance of offering a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of different applications, we can help you in choosing the right cable seal. In the realm of cable seals, TruSeal proudly presents three distinct variants – Cable Seals 029 31cm, Cable Seal 60cm, and Cable Seals 045 CIT Solution. Each variant caters to specific security requirements, ensuring a comprehensive suite of options for our discerning clients.

Cable Seals 029 31cm: Precision in Small Packages


  • Length: 31cm
  • Color: White
  • Features: Serial Numbered, Barcoded NPC

The Cable Seals 029 31cm from TruSeal are designed for applications where precision and compact size matter. Serial numbered and barcoded with NPC technology, these seals offer an extra layer of traceability, making them ideal for scenarios where meticulous record-keeping is essential.

Cable Seal 60cm: Strength in Simplicity


  • Length: 60cm
  • Color: White
  • Packaging: Available in sets of 500

For those seeking simplicity without compromising strength, the Cable Seal 60cm by TruSeal is very reliable when choosing the right cable seal to preserve the integrity of your goods. With a longer length, these seals are versatile enough for various applications. Packaged conveniently in sets of 500, they offer a cost-effective solution for larger-scale security needs.

Cable Seals 045 CIT Solution: Tailored Security


  • Customization: Large Barcode Print Area
  • Features: Made-to-order

When off-the-shelf solutions don’t quite fit your requirements, TruSeal’s Cable Seals 045 CIT Solution steps in. With a large barcode print area, these seals are made-to-order, allowing for customization based on specific security needs. Tailor your cable seals for a perfect fit to your unique applications and security systems.

Knippex Cutters: Precision Tools for Precision Security

No cable seal solution is complete without the right tools, and TruSeal has you covered with the Knippex Cutters. These specialized cutting tools are designed for precision and ease of use, ensuring that your cable seals are applied and removed with efficiency and accuracy.

Choosing the Right Variant: What Matters Most?

When selecting a cable seal variant, consider the following factors:

  • Application Specifics: Choose a variant that aligns with the specific requirements of your application.
  • Volume: If you have a high volume of seals needed, the Cable Seal 60cm might be the most cost-effective solution.
  • Customization Needs: For tailored security solutions, the Cable Seals 045 CIT Solution is your go-to choice.
  • Record-keeping: If control, traceability and record-keeping are critical, the Cable Seals 029 31cm with serial numbering and barcoding is an excellent option.

In conclusion, TruSeal offers a comprehensive range of cable seals and accessories, ensuring that regardless of your security needs, there’s a solution tailored just for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and discover the ideal cable seal solution for your unique applications.